Chartered Engineers


Chartered Engineer

Chartered engineers are the most important people when it comes to any government department Clarence. Most emerging sector for CE is exporting or importing goods in India. They help in getting a clearance for your machinery. This article provides comprehensive information on the role and importance of chartered engineers in India. Import/ export of anything from India requires proper certification and metal scrap is no exception. However, there are certified engineers for the same and you have to find the one that will get you the clearance as fast as possible. We are provide the right chartered engineer certificate for export and even consultancy services and ensure that we offer these services:

We provide Chartered Engineering Certificate For:

  • Production capacity certificate
  • Installation of machinery certificate
  • Chartered engineer certificates for import, exports
  • Chartered engineers certificate for used machinery exported to India or for exporting used machinery or equipment from India
  • Undertake a physical inspection of machinery and equipment for assessment of condition.
  • EPCG scheme for DGFT (Appendix- 32a)
  • Advance license certificate (appendix- 32b / 11a)
  • CE for tender document
  • Hazardous material identification
  • Any type of certificate regarding technical matter for any